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How to Cook Spinach with Butter

How to Cook Spinach with Butter


1 bunch Baby spinach
1 Tbsp Butter

Directions to Cook Spinach with Butter

  1. Open up the package of spinach and pull the leaves away from the coarser stems. Wash thoroughly in a sink of cold water. Put into a colander to drain. Bring to the boil half a pot of water and add a teaspoon of salt. Pile the spinach leaves into the boiling water, pressing down with a wooden spoon so that all the leaves are covered with water. As soon as the leaves are wilted and the water has returned to the boil, drain the spinach in the colander.
  2. Run cold water over the spinach to cool it quickly, then turn it out onto a chopping board and use a sharp knife to make a couple of cuts across it. Use your hands to squeeze out most of the remaining liquid.
  3. The spinach may be prepared up to this stage an hour before serving. Put the butter into the empty pot and place over a moderate heat until melted. Add the spinach and toss it in the melted butter until it is hot and glistening.


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  • 1lb fresh spinach
  • 3tablespoons butter
  • 12teaspoon salt
  • 14teaspoon pepper
  • lemon juice orvinegar, optional


  1. Cut stems from spinach.
  2. Place spinach in sink full of water.
  3. Swish it around to clean well.
  4. Remove from water.
  5. Drain the sink, then put more fresh water in the sink and wash spinach again.
  6. Pull the spinach out of the water and let drip.
  7. Place in large pot.
  8. Add no water, the water clinging to the spinach will be enough.
  9. Place pot on high heat until steaming.
  10. Stir, reduce heat to med, cook for 2 minutes, stirring once.
  11. Drain in colander.
  12. Return to pan, add butter, salt and pepper, stir to coat.
  13. Serve with lemon juice or vinegar on the side.


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