Accounting Grade 12 Past Papers and Memos for 2021

This page contains the latest Accounting Grade 12 Past Papers and Memos for 2021. Content on this page will help you in your exams, tests, sba, assignments, and research tasks. Accounting focuses on measuring performance, and processing and communicating financial information about economic sectors. This discipline ensures that principles such as ethical behaviour, transparency and accountability are adhered to. It deals with the logical, systematic and accurate selection and recording of financial information and transactions, as well as the compilation, analysis, interpretation and communication of financial statements and managerial reports for use by interested parties.

The subject encompasses accounting knowledge, skills and values that focus on the financial accounting,
managerial accounting and auditing fields. These fields cover a broad spectrum of accounting concepts and skills to prepare learners for a variety of career opportunities.

Accounting Grade 12 is completed in 4 terms in a year: Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, and Term 4. It is done in all South African Provinces such as: Gauteng, Free State, Limpopo, North West, Mpumalanga, Western Cape, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, and Kwazulu Natal. Accounting Grade 12 is done in English and Afrikaans languages, and consist of Paper 1 and Paper 2 Exams

List of Accounting Grade 12 Past Papers and Memos for 2021

 Topics in the Accounting CAPS curriculum.

The following are the topics covered in Accounting Grade 12 which will guide you before exploring Past Papers and Memos for 2021.

  1. Accounting concepts
  2. GAAP principles
  3. Bookkeeping
  4. Accounting equation
  5. Final accounts and financial statements
  6. Salaries and wages
  7. Value-Added Tax
  8. Reconciliations
  9. Cost accounting
  10. Budgeting
  11. Indigenous bookkeeping systems
  12. Fixed assets
  13. Inventory
  14. Ethics
  15. Internal control

What is the purpose for Accounting Grade 12?

The reasons for learning Accounting Grade 12 in South Africa are the following:

  • record, analyse and interpret financial and other relevant data in order to make informed decisions;
  • present and/or communicate financial information effectively by using generally accepted accounting practice in line with current developments and legislation;
  • develop and demonstrate an understanding of fundamental accounting concepts;
  • relate skills, knowledge and values to real-world situations in order to ensure the balance between theory and practice, to enter the world of work and/or to move to higher education, and to encourage self-development;
  • organise and manage own finances and activities responsibly and effectively;
  • apply principles to solve problems in a judicious and systematic manner in familiar and unfamiliar situations, thus developing the ability to identify and solve problems in the context of the various fields of Accounting;
  • develop critical, logical, and analytical abilities and thought processes to enable learners to apply skills to current and new situations;
  • develop the following characteristics:
    – ethical behaviour
    – sound judgement
    – thoroughness
    – orderliness
    – accuracy
    – neatness;
  • deal confidently with the demands of an accounting occupation manually and/or electronically.
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Hello Grade 12 Learners. How and When has everything for you needed to pass your Grade 12 exams, tests, assessments, research tasks and assignments under the South African CAPS Curriculum. Feel free to download all useful study material for grade 12, such as Study Guides, and Previous Exam Papers with Answer Momos.

Browse Accounting Courses to study after Matric in South Africa

Do you know that there are plenty of accounting Courses that you can study after you matric grade 12 in South Africa?

Why passing Grade 12 is a must for your Career?

Why passing Grade 12 is a must for your Career? Grade 12 ultimately makes you ready for the real world of work out there, and most importantly matric is your bridge to varsity. You really need good marks in Grade 12 in order to pass well and study what you like. Good Grade 12 marks will enable you to get a APS Score.

The calculation of an Admission Point Score (APS) is based on a candidate’s achievement in any SIX recognised National Senior Certificate 20-credit subjects (including subjects from the non-designated subject list, e.g. Computer Applications Technology, Tourism, Hospitality Studies and Civil, Electrical & Mechanical Technology, etc.), by using the NSC seven-point rating scale. Life Orientation is a 10-credit subject and may not be used for calculating the APS. Life Orientation is also not a faculty-specific subject requirement.

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