Reremoana Primary School enrolment information

Reremoana Primary School enrolment information for 2022-2023: Welcome to Reremoana Primary School, one of the greates schools in New Zealand, Auckland Wattle Downs. On this page you will find the following information: decile rating, school zone, fees, staff, and uniform. This is a Co-Educational in Auckland Region regional council under Manurewa-Papakura Ward ward. This is a Full Primary under the Auckland – Manurewa territorial authority.

Reremoana Primary School enrolment for 2023 – 2024

You can enroll online for admission at Reremoana Primary School for your 2023 – 2024 studies by going to the website, which is: http://www.reremoana.school.nz.

Reremoana Primary School Decile and School Zone

Reremoana Primary School is based in Wattle Farm school zone. The school accepts in zone and out of zone students. Check contact below and obtain more information regarding application requirements. Reremoana Primary School decile is 9

Reremoana Primary School School Fees

Reremoana Primary School annual or monthly school fees can be obtained from:office@reremoana.school.nz.
Annual fees for state schools start at about $11,000 for primary schools and $13,000 for secondary schools. Annual fees for private primary and secondary schools start at about $25,000.
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Reremoana Primary School School Uniform

The correct school uniform latest rules information for Reremoana Primary School, can be obtained from the following email: office@reremoana.school.nz Alternatively, you can search the uniform here

Reremoana Primary School Teachers and Staff

Teacher in Reremoana Primary School are responsible for the total of roughly 436 number of students. If you are looking for a specific staff member or want to talk to the current principal, call this number: 092 690 069.

Below is a profile of students for Reremoana Primary School:

European 128
Mor 94
Pacific 49
Asian 135
Melaa 30

Reremoana Primary School Contact Information

  • Telephone number: 092 690 069
  • Email Address: office@reremoana.school.nz
  • Website: http://www.reremoana.school.nz
  • Physical address: Scotsmoor Drive, Wattle Downs, Auckland

New Zealand school hours

School hours in New Zealand normally range from 8:45 am – 3:20 pm. You should note that some schools have special short days to accommodate a range of afternoon activities. Click here to check New Zealand School Terms Dates

Quality of education in New Zealand

The quality of education in New Zealand is ranked among the best in the world, and consistently gets high ratings in the UN Human Development Index. Subsequently, New Zealand has a high proportion of residents with upper secondary or tertiary qualifications. The New Zealand government has strong quality assurance systems to ensure high-quality education at all levels of the education system, both public and private.

Schooling System and Age in New Zealand

Year/ Age Old system Age at start of school year Age at end of school year
Junior 0 / Primers 1&2 4-5 5-6
1 Junior 1 / Primers 1&2 4–5 5–6
2 Junior 2 / Primers 3&4 5–6 6–7
3 Standard 1 6–7 7–8
4 Standard 2 7–8 8–9
5 Standard 3 8–9 9–10
6 Standard 4 9–10 10–11
7 Form 1 / Standard 5 10–11 11–12
8 Form 2 / Standard 6 11–12 12–13
9 Form 3 12–13 13–14
10 Form 4 13–14 14–15
11 Form 5 14–15 15–16
12 Form 6 15–16 16–17
13 Form 7 16–17 17–18

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