20 Apr 2021

Importance of School-based Assessment (SBA) in South Africa

Importance of School-based Assessment in South Africa:

What is School-based Assessment (SBA) in South Africa CAPS Education?

School-based assessment (SBA) is a purposeful collection of learners’ work that tells the story of the learners’ efforts, progress or achievement in given area(s). The quality of SBA tasks is integral to learners’ preparation
for the final examinations. SBA marks are formally recorded by you, the teacher, for progression and certification purposes.

Are School-based Assessment (SBA) Compulsory in South Africa?

The SBA component is compulsory for all learners. Learners who cannot comply with the requirements specified according to the policy may not be eligible to enter for the subject in the final examination.

The formal assessment tasks provide you with a systematic way of evaluation on how well learners are progressing. The book includes tests, a project and a case study. Formal assessment tasks form part of a year-long formal programme of assessment. These tasks should not be taken lightly and learners should be encouraged to submit their best possible efforts for final assessment. Educators are expected ensure that assessment tasks are relevant to and suitable for the learners being taught.

How should Teachers conduct School-based Assessments in South Africa

Teachers should adapt the tasks to suit the learners’ level of understanding and they should be context bound however, they should also take cognisance of the requirements as set out in the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) document.

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