6 Sep 2021

Four Benefits for a person who detects a Disease early enough

On this page we list Four Benefits for a person who detects a Disease early enough: Detecting diseases early eonugh has many benefits (which will be discussed below). However, it is not always an advanage to detect the deseases early. Why? because it might cause unnecessary fear and panic to patients (which may cause even more diseases). And, depending on the severity of the desease, patients can also loose hope to live a healthy life because they think they are dying.

Four Benefits for a person who detects a disease early enough

Early detection of the disease allows for quicker action and for saving precious time; A precise diagnosis to prevent complications and rapid worsening!

  1. A precise diagnosis helps choosing the most optimal management of the patient as there might still be enough time for that
  2. General prevention: some deseases can be permanetly prevented if they are deceted early
  3. Secondary prevention: early detection may further help to prevent secondary deseases.
  4. Taking responsibility of own health: with early dignosis, patients can start taking responsibility of their own health, which may eventually lead to tatal healing

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